User guide of commands

Background information

Serverless Devs allows you to run a command that contains the -h parameter to query the help information about a command. For example, you can run the s -h command to query the help information about the s command.

$ s -h
πŸš€  Welcome to the Serverless Devs.

  --debug                        Open debug model.              
  --skip-actions                 Skip the extends section.      
  -t, --template <path>          Specify the template file.     
  -a, --access <aliasName>       Specify the access alias name. 
  -o, --output <outputFormat>    Specify the output format: json, yaml, raw.  
  -v, --version                  Output the version number.     
  -h, --help                     Display help for command.      

  config                         πŸ‘€  Configure venders account.                
  init                           πŸ’ž  Initializing a serverless project.        
  cli                            🐚  Command line operation without yaml mode. 
  verify                         πŸ”Ž  Verify the application.                   
  set                            πŸ”§  Settings for the tool.                    
  clean                          πŸ’₯  Clean up the environment.                 
  component                      πŸ”Œ  Installed component information.          
  edit                           πŸ™Œ  Application editing.                      

  init                           Perform [s init] fast experience Serverless Devs. 

🧭  More information:
πŸš€  More applications:

Supported parameters

ParameterAbbreviationDefault valueDescriptionRemarks
templatets.yaml/s.ymlSpecifies the description file of a resource.
accessathe value of the access parameter specified in a YAML file/defaultSpecifies the information about the key.You can use the key information that is configured by using the config command or [environment variables](command/ keys by using environment variables).
skip-actions--Skips the actions section that is specified in the YAML file.-
debug--Enables the debug mode.After you enable the debug mode, you can obtain a larger amount of information about the execution process of a tool.
outputodefaultSpecifies the output format.Support: default, json, yaml, raw
versionv-Queries the version information.-
helph-Queries the help information.-

Supported commands

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