Edit command

The edit commands are used to edit serverless applications.

Command description

After you run the s edit -h command, the following help information is returned:

$ s edit -h
Usage: s edit

Application editing.

        $ s edit
πŸ“– Document: https://github.com/Serverless-Devs/Serverless-Devs/tree/master/docs/en/command/edit.md

  -t, --template [templatePath]  Specify the template file
  -h, --help                     Display help for command

Parameter description

ParameterAbbreviationDefault valueDescription
templatets.yaml/s.ymlSpecifies the description file of a resource.


Before you run the s edit command, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  1. A YAML file that meets the Serverless Devs requirements exists in this project. You can specify this file by running the -t, --template [templatePath] command. The default value of the template parameter is s.yaml/s.yml.
  2. A browser that supports visual resource editing is installed on your computer.
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