Plan commands

The plan commands are used to view the changes of Function Compute resources.

Command description

You can run plan -h or plan --help to obtain the help documentation.

Parameter description

ParameterAbbreviationRequired in YAML modeDescription
plan-type-YesViews changes that are caused by deployment or deletion. By default, changes that are caused by deployment are viewed.
sub-command-NoViews the changes of resources. If you set plan-type to deploy, you can set sub-command to service, function, trigger, or domain. If you set plan-type to remove, you can set sub-command to service, function, trigger, domain, version, alias, provision, ondemand, onDemand, or layer.

The current command also supports some global parameters (such as -a/--access, --debug, etc.). For details, please refer to Serverless Devs global parameters document


If a resource description file in YAML exists, you can run the s plan command to view resource changes. The following results are returned:

~: Configuration modified -: Delete the configuration +: Add the configuration

The figure shows what is expected after deploy is executed:

  1. Function description changed from 'This is default function description by fc-deploy component' to 'test update'
  2. Function memorySize changed from 256 to 512
  3. Removed the TESSDATA_PREFIX configuration for Function environmentVariables
  4. Function environmentVariables added test_add

Permissions and policies

If you use the plan commands, we recommend that you configure the system policy: AliyunFCReadOnlyAccess.

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