Metrics command

The metrics command is a command for viewing function metrics information.

Command description

When executing the command metrics -h/metrics --help, you can get help documentation.

Parameter description

Parameter full nameParameter abbreviationRequired in Yaml modeRequired in Cli modeParameter meaning
region-optionalrequiredcn-shenzhen, cn-chengdu, cn-hongkong, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, ap-southeast-3, ap-southeast-5, ap-northeast-1, eu-central-1, eu- west-1, us-west-1, us-east-1, ap-south-1`
service-name-optionalrequiredservice name
function-name-optionalrequiredfunction name

The current command also supports some global parameters (such as -a/--access, --debug, etc.). For details, please refer to Serverless Devs global parameters document


  • When there is a resource description file (Yaml), you can directly execute s metrics to view the metrics information of the function;
  • Pure command line form (when there is no resource description Yaml file), you need to specify the service region, service name, function name, etc., such as s cli fc metrics --region ch-hangzhou --service-name myService --function-name myFunction;

Example of the execution result of the above command:

[2021-06-07T12:20:06.661] [INFO ] [FC-METRICS] - Please open with browser: http://localhost:3000

At this point, open the address through the browser, and you can see the function indicator information.

You need to enable the request level indicator to view the function indicator information, otherwise the chart will not display data

How ​​to enable request level indicators:


2. In services and functions-find your own region-corresponding service name-click configure in the operation bar to open the request level indicator

Permissions and policies

Required permissions: AliyunLogFullAccess, AliyunCloudMonitorReadOnlyAccess, AliyunFCReadOnlyAccess

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