Fun2s commands

The fun2s command is the command that converts the template.yaml recognized by Funcraft DevTools into the s.yaml recognized by Serverless Devs.

Command description

When executing the command fun2s -h/fun2s --help, you can get help documentation.

Parameter description

| Full name of parameter | Abbreviation of parameter | Required in Cli mode | Meaning of parameter | | -------- | -------- | ------------- | ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------- | | force | - | Optional | Forcibly overwrite the existing/specified Serverless Devs resource description file | | region | - | Optional | Region, reads Funcraft's configuration by default. Value range: cn-hangzhou, cn-beijing, cn-beijing, cn-hangzhou, cn-shanghai, cn-qingdao, cn-zhangjiakou, cn-huhehaote, cn-shenzhen, cn-chengdu, cn-hongkong, ap -southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, ap-southeast-3, ap-southeast-5, ap-northeast-1, eu-central-1, eu-west-1, us-west-1, us-east -1, ap-south-1 | | source | - | Optional | Funcraft's configuration file path (default is template.yaml/template.yml) | | target | - | optional | path to the generated Serverless Devs configuration file (default is s.yaml) | | access | a | Optional | The key used in this request can be used via [config command]( configured key information, and [key information configured to environment variables]( en/command/ key information through environment variables) |

The current command also supports some global parameters (such as -a/--access, --debug, etc.). For details, please refer to Serverless Devs global parameters document


You can use the fun2s command in the Funcraft project directory to implement Yaml specification conversion, for example:

s cli fc fun2s --region cn-shenzhen --target ./s.yml

[2021-11-02T19:51:25.418] [INFO ] [FC-TRANSFORM] - Using funcraft yaml: /Users/jiangyu/demo/test/start-fc-http-python3/template.yml
[2021-11-02T19:51:25.429] [INFO ] [FC-TRANSFORM] - Reminder serverless devs yaml path: /Users/jiangyu/demo/test/start-fc-http-python3/s.yml

Tips for next step
* Deploy Function: s deploy -t ./s.yml
* Invoke Event Function: s local invoke -t ./s.yml
* Invoke HTTP Function: s local start -t ./s.yml

At this point, the original Funcraft specification's template.yaml can be converted into a s.yaml that supports the Serverless Devs specification.

Before conversion (template.yaml):

ROSTemplateFormatVersion: '2015-09-01'
Transform: 'Aliyun::Serverless-2018-04-03'
    Type: 'Aliyun::Serverless::Service'
      Description: 'helloworld'
      Type: 'Aliyun::Serverless::Function'
        Handler: index.handler
        Runtime: nodejs10
        CodeUri: './'

After conversion (s.yaml):

edition: 1.0.0
name: transform_fun
access: default
  region: cn-shenzhen
    component: devsapp/fc
      region: ${vars.region}
        name: start-fc-http-python3
        description: helloworld
        internetAccess: true
        name: start-fc-http-python3
        handler: index.handler
        runtime: nodejs10
        codeUri: ./
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