Serverless Devs

Serverless Application lifecycle management tools

No vendor lock-in

Currently Serverless Devs already support Alibaba Cloud Function ComputeAWS LambdaBaidu Intelligent Cloud Function ComputeHUAWEI CLOUD FunctionGraphTencent SCF multi-cloud FaaS product

Open source

The project is built through open source code and an open ecosystem, and developers can view and participate at any time Serverless Devs Contributions to developer tools can also be made anytime, anywhere Component and Application


Serverless Devs The tool itself does not have any business capabilities, and all business capabilities are pluggable in the form of components. Developers can select different components to complete corresponding business capabilities in an application


It can provide developers with hands-on cases in various scenarios through the application mode. Help developers quickly understand, learn, and deepen Serverless Architecture, For example, in the novice guide Serverless:Hello World AI: Object Detection Web Frameworks: The Django Blog Project

Application lifecycle

Benefit to Component design,Serverless Devs Can play an important role in the full life cycle of the application,Example of FC component calculated by Alibaba Cloud function Developers can build and manage projects at multiple levels such as project creation, project development, debugging, and observability.


It can be easily combined with the traditional ecology through the support of componentization. It can also be easily integrated into a large number of automated processes, such as CI/CD In the documentation,there is an example of integration with Github ActionGitee Go and Jenkins Cases of platform integration